Who am I?

Do you think that you are born with great creative talent or do you think that this is something you start to learn in Preschool? perhaps you need both to become successful or at lease to earn a living.

I think  the strengths of a graphic designer include flexibility, adaptability, open mindedness, patience and the ability to listen and be constructive.

I like to try new things, I have always had a fascination with taking things apart trying to find out how they work, trying to better understand them and the inner workings of them and I think that’s what has lead me down this path of discovery and design.

Now looking out over the new horizon of discovery I look for new adventures and new technology’s to help me in my quest to discover a new way of thinking and creating.

Looking back at the road behind me I see all the mistake I have made to get to this point. As for the road that lay ahead who knows what twist it will take all I plan to do is have a fun time as I walk down it.